Dear '78er,

Our fearless leader Bob Klein has given me the honor and privilege of announcing that we, the Great Princeton Class of 1978, have won the Class of 1945 P-rade Trophy for Reunions 2018! As you may remember, we won this award for our 35th and, now, we have won it AGAIN!

The P-rade Trophy is given to the class with the most enterprising P-rade entry, and the 2018 judges overwhelmingly agreed that our Going Back 78's Top 40 was by far the most original and entertaining P-rade entry even though the P-rade was cancelled. Thankfully, our clever virtual P-rade video painted a wonderful picture of what they could have observed had we marched. As they have written to us:

From the tiger escorts, the creative countdown posters, record Frisbees, megaphone locomotive cheers, popcorn bags tossed to the spectators, to doing the Hustle (Staying Alive!) in front of the reviewing stand (and in the Chapel and a repeat performance at your dinner) – kudos!

The 2018 judges and the Alumni Association send congrats to all of us, with special recognition to our One and Only P-rade committee for going above and beyond. They have even used our entry as the Princetoniana Museum exemplar of all P-Rade entries View it here!

So, with deep gratitude to our Classmates who were the most involved in and most responsible for our P-rade entry (Reunion Chair Liz Maass, Reunion Guru Chuck Hector, and Cartoonist Laureate and Designer of All Graphics '78 Paul Laud), special deep and pervasive thanks to P-Rade Chair Extraordinaire Ron Arons to whom this award really belongs. After all, not only did he put his heart and soul into designing our P-Rade entry, but he single-handedly created the video that convinced the judges of how great it would have been if a few puny strokes of lightning had not cancelled P-Rade 2018. So, given that as the result of winning this award, we have the honor and responsibility of providing a P-rade judge on the reviewing stand for Reunions 2019, Bob and our current officers have also asked me to announce that Ron has graciously agreed to represent us next year on Poe Field!

... oh, yes, and we will also have the honor of carrying the Class of 1945 P-rade Trophy banner in the “One and Only” P-rade on June 1, 2019. So, be sure to join us to celebrate this amazing repeat ... and to help us strategize about how to win the Trophy again at our 45th!

With one locomotive for the Great Princeton Class of 1978,

yours, as always, in orange and black,